Sealfur boots. Colors: grey(natural) black, red and purple - size 36-41.

DKK. 2499,-

Same model in long shaft,

Pris Dkr. 3299,-


 The ethnic series from Helene Steensby is inspired by an old traditional Norwegian boot. Helene has modified the boot and improved the quality in several ways. The boots in seal are made only from Greenlandic seals, they are only caught to be used for both eating and the fur. Another enhancement is the lining, all linings are pure wool, and the soles are made of a special foam, which supports and absorbs pressure when walking long distances.


The boots made from full grain leather are organic, and there will be made certificates for this. The black boot is made from regular nubuck material.


Be ware of the copies made by HICE in Italy, these boots come from our old supplier who thought they could go solo and steal our designs, to buy the true original sealboot by Helene Steensby, go to Ethnoboot.


You can find them here:

or at Eshoes

Wholegrain leather / nubuck boots. Colors: black, wholegrain - size 36-41.

DKK. 2199,-

Same model in long shaft,

Pris Dkr. 2499,-

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